Monday, January 26, 2015

The Titanic priest who refused to leave passengers

Father Andrew Hurley was "much loved and appreciated by the people of the parish".

Such was their affection, when Father Byles was invited to officiate at his brother's wedding in New York, parishioners helped pay for his trip on the Titanic.

Father Hurley explained how Father Byles had said Mass for second-class passengers on the morning of the disaster.

In it he talked about the "spiritual lifeboats that take us to God".

Following the iceberg strike on 14 April, eyewitness accounts told how Father Byles refused several offers to board a lifeboat.

Instead, he remained on board to help others to lifeboats, take confessions, offer absolution and pray with those still on board as the ship went down.

His body was never recovered.

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