Thursday, January 1, 2015

Death by Firing Squad

Death by firing squad was a popular method of execution until World War II, and even though its use has diminished throughout the world ever since, it hasn’t completely died down. 

The most recent example was Ronnie Lee Gardner, who was executed in Utah by the firing squad in 2010. It marked the first such instance in 14 years, and the third since 1977. Interestingly enough, all three of them were given the sentence by the state of Utah, which is the only state besides Oklahoma to still offer the firing squad as a possible execution method.

The execution was seen by his family members through a glass window, which was carried out in a specially made room in the Utah state prison. 

Gardner even had a circular white mark on his heart to pinpoint the precise target for the executioners. 

The incident shocked many people throughout the country, as execution by firing squad is often seen as something that only happens in black-and-white war photographs.   Strange News



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