Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Richard Norris before and after receiving the most extensive full face transplant

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The only man to survive being punched by Chuck Norris
Thank you all who left kind comments. Im doing very well and moving forward in my life and helping other patients get through there tough times. Everything the surgeons learned with my transplant is being carried over to help our soldiers who suffers traumatic facial injuries on battlefield. If you like to learn more you can look up A Face in The Crowd with Ann Curry and the Ebook on Amazon The Two Faces of Richard
I can't stand negative morons ! He looks great know matter what !!
I see a lot of ppl mention stuff about religion and its your right to believe what you want but for my transplant to be successful so many things had to happen in a perfect order. Myself and my surgeons openly omit in the Ann Curry documentry that Devine intervention had to take place. We all prayed before we started the transplant and all thank God after it. Thats because we are all Christians and rely on our faith. I hope everyone can respect our beliefs just as i respect your beliefs to believe in God or not. Your beliefs is your soul right and everyone should respect you for it as well.
THANK GOD.....HE is the only one that can heal. Doctors can cut and stitch all they want. But they do not have the power to heal the body. GOD does just that. THANK GOD.
Now this is what plastic sugery is good for not for the rich nad famous like hollywood.
I saw the documentary on this, so cool. His gun had gone off accidentally, blowing half his face off. A few years later a doctor thought they could use a donors face to repair the damage. Then a guy around his age was killed crossing the street one day and so they donated his face to this guy. Then they got to meet when it was all done
All you people thanking "god".It had nothing to do with this. It was science and great surgeons.
I think my wife needs the same thing to!
Praise god! What a miracle! Just kidding, doctors, surgeons, and science made this happen! Praise science


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