Sunday, February 2, 2014

World's lightest and youngest survivor

World's lightest and youngest surviving baby was born just after 21 weeks and six days in the womb and weighed less than 10oz!

This baby was named Amillia Taylor. When she arrived, she only measured 9.5in (24cm). She was considered a miracle baby since the doctors consider that babies who weigh less than 14.1oz (400g) have no chance of survival and no infant born before 23 weeks has ever survived before her.

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no wonder the baby weighed so little.. only feet came out | there is nothing funny about this little angel getting a chance at life.....God had bigger plans for her than her doctors did...I hope she grows up with all the love in the world....
And scientists still think God doesnt exist! | Not all! The best scientists believe in some form or another of a higher power. Stephen Hawking, for example, believes that while there might not be an active god as we understand the term, that there WAS a god (at least at one time) who put all the rules of the universe in place (speed of light, relativity, etc). | It was medical science that save that baby, if you read the whole artical you would know that. Yes god saved this one life but allows millions of other helpless children suffer and die cruel deaths. Lmfao this is a damn joke. | The fact that this baby survived isn't a miracle. A miracle would be a situation where that baby didn't need a "miracle" at all. | Lol all this talk about God n God being a man. Lol u ppl make me laugh. God is not a "person" or he'd live on earth... I'm petty sure science had proved there is no dude in the clouds. | prove there is a god!!!! clearly god didn't feed and nurture this baby clearly medical science and smart doctors did. If there was a god he would never allow the harmful things we do to one another nore would he allow this world to war every 40-50.
Without science this child would not have survived... praise science!! | Science doesn't go hand in hand with God, you got it wrong. Read the bible, if so, find someone who is more Bible literate than you. | Yea I've read the Bible, it says that God is a man that lives above the clouds. I'm pretty sure science proves there's no dude in the sky. Just saying. Not saying a supreme creator doesn't exist, God is just not what all u Christian ppl, that shove ur believes down other ppls throats, think. If u were a true Christian u wouldn't bash ppl who believe in other things even science. Go read ur Bible it tells u to respect all others no matter what they believe in.
Umm if it wasn't for the doctors it probably won't have happen don't bring god in this | God is d one that made the doctors. one more can one expect frm ppl who dont read the bible n believ in God. pity | God this God that. Science proves there is no dude in the sky. Evolution made us all. Yea I'm sure there's a creator out there somewhere but u can't shove ur religious crap down other ppls throats. Science is proven the Bible is not. Get over it that more ppl believe in science (things that r definitely proven unlike God" |
You can all shove your non-exsistent 'GOD', all of this was down to science. If your 'GOD' was real, then where is he when we really need him? Probably wiping his arse with the bible. | Arg typical of satanists. God is alive.just call upon his name Jehova..nd u shall be need serious deliverance.and dont think the Devil loves you dear.he is only using u to spite the Amazing God.Believe in Jesus Christ.Amen | Hahahahahaha u r dumb!!! Gods existence is real youre just to stupid to realize when hes at his work. Christmas morning I almost lost my grandma they said she wouldn't make it to call the family there was nothing else the drs could do to help her. All family was there and prayed for my grandma and a month later after they said she wouldnt be able to make it and all the prayers she got better even though the drs gave up on her we didnt give up on Gods healing powers and we still have my granny... you yourself are either niave to the fact that God is there because u try to push miricles onto another power. | So just because she doesn't believe in God she has to be a satanist, dumb & stupid? Well Well Well...I wonder how ur god is taking to y'all being so damn judgmental. I Love how y'all Bible bumping fools take bits & pieces outta the Bible to downgrade others but u don't live by it fully. Cause if u did y'all wouldn't judge others. News flash...I don't believe in ur God either, but at the same time I don't believe in the devil. Y'all can bite ur God's ass!!" | No actually it's not. Wiccans don't believe in the God that y'all believe in and we damn sure don't believe in the devil. So learn more than What y'all claim as God's words that man actually wrote before coming with some crap like that. | Since I have to believe in Satan because I don't believe in ur God I hope Satan comes & gets u in ur sleep....ahahaha. BTW...I NEED NO FORGIVENESS!!! | Lol no one Denied Jesus existed on earth....wiccans believe Jesus existed so ur def stupid for saying that. No satan does not exist in Wicca n neither does God. Its a choice to believe in the good of ppl, not that they shove their beliefs down other ppls throats. If my religion is wrong so be it but I'm sure ur more likely to go to hell (if it exists) than I BC I treat all ppl of all religions well unless they try shoving their crap down my throat. |
Don't be asking be asking for god when your ass Is trouble Nichola, karma is a bitch!
Fact is inaccurate. My son was born at 20 weeks/3 days and is a perfectly healthy 8 yr old. Perhaps the data is old? Babies born before 23 weeks regularly survive now.
actually it probably is not fake. she probably is blind and deaf now because children with prolonged NICU stays typically are. my daughter was born at 27 weeks and 2lbs 10 ozs. she left NICU after 6 weeks
My cousin addison was born 21 weeks 4 days and weighed 8.6 ozs and was 9inches. She stayed in ICU for almost 6 months. She is 5 now. A little on the small side but perfectly normal. She was smaller than the child talked about in this post.
And apparently people forgot religion was made up a long time ago in efforts to control the people.... Ohh not to mention the millions if not billions of innocent people slaughtered in the name of "god" *smh silly ppl
Science only goes so far and then comes God... Praise God!!
Science over mythology. Science saves people not praying or your stupid MYTHOLOGY!
 GOD nor SATAN exsist woman. I believe in evolusion. You my dear are deluded. 'Deliverance'!!?? Don't forget, SATAN was once one of GODS angel's. Your GOD won't be there to save you if you are being brutally murdered, or if you are caught in a tragic accident. Your GOD won't keep you from suffering. Your GOD did not save those millions of people who have died through war and poverty. Your GOD is just as evil as the rest of us because your GOD has never saved anyone. Why expect something of someone who has never existed. You're telling me that GOD teaches animal's and babies how to behave out of the womb?? That's evolusion. Face it, you just need a 'GOD' to put the blame on for all your wrong doing's.
It's actually becoming more common than people think. Although I agree, some of the facts are incorrect. I was born at exactly 22 weeks old, so a day after and turned out just fine. Maybe a little shorter than normal at 5"3, but healthy.
God in whatever name, science, prayers, doctors... Fact is the baby lived. Can we just be grateful for this? People spend too much time arguing and less time coexisting and helping others .
I don't even believe in god Lol but everyone saying "god" did it no if it wasn't for the doctors the baby wouldn't have been alive thank the doctors
Adam obviously doesnt have kids. Baby feet are the same as grown up feet only cuter
It just goes to show that those who chose late abortion n killing viable human beings. Abortion shud only b legal wen continuation of pregnancy wud b at the cost of baby or mother or both. Or in such cases as rape. If someone were to take someone's life they r committing a crime which is punishable by jail time yet women r allowed to get away with this everyday. I really struggle to understand the difference between a human being and an unviable baby. Every life deserves a chance!!! Abolish abortion for those who use it as contraception!!!!
No one person will ever agree with everyone, but what sets them apart from the rest is that they choose not to bash everyone else on a public forum. Over someone posting a picture of a premature baby being born. This is an awesome thing and everyone is turning it into a blood bath over being pro choice or whatever and religion.
To be opinionated is one thing, to be ignorant and dramatic is another. This is beautiful and those of you starting crap over it need to just stfu. Idiots really.... just close your mouths before speaking in anger. This is not about you but about them. Remind yourselves of this when next opening that trash pit you call a mouth.
I believe in science. But I would never purposely go out of my way to insult a persons religion which boiled down equals hope! Insulting someone's source of hope is just plain rude and is frowned upon, like masterbating on an airplane!
I can't believe there's any point when a doctor would not do everything they can to save a life, no matter how far along that life is. Where there's a will, there's a way. A law saying you can't try to save a life is just wrong on so many levels.
We never said man didn't write it but it was ordained by God to do so. Things in the bible are proven by science. I dare any one of you unbelievers to read the bible to disprove it. I don't need to defend it because it does a fine job itself. God loves every one of us even those who don't believe. Christians sin just like unbelievers but the difference is we acknowledge it and repent. Now just because you don't believe in God doesn't make you a devil worshiper it just makes you an unbeliever. It says in the bible "Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is lord" until then believe what you want but don't be a hypocrite and bash us for what we believe.
The world is the way if is Bc of the choices the people make that's why God isn't letting it go on. That's why he is coming back to put and end to sin. And I can prove God to you. You should study quantum physics. The world had to be this way in order to bring in true love towards God. If we were all forced to love Jesus then it wouldn't be true love we have to love and believe in him by choice are free will given by God. See actually if everyone would listen to Jesus and not the world, the world wouldn't be in the shape it is.
Man wrote the bible through divine inspiration so to say. What about the people who kill & say they did it cuz God told them to?? Moses I believe was ordered to kill an entire villiage/town and when he asked what about the children he was told to kill them as well. So how do we know those who wrote the bible weren't schizophrenic? Or whatever.
Just because a doctor says someone is going to die, doesn't mean they're right. They're not psychic. They truly have no idea what will and will not happen in the future. They make their assumptions based on the patients condition. Whether the patient improves or not is under nobody's control other than the patient themselves. The mind is a powerful tool, my dear. If you believe you'll get worse, you will; if you believe you'll get better, there's a good chance you will (depending on the circumstance, of course). Try watching a documentary on the power of the mind. You can learn a lot about the incredible capabilities of our minds. There's also the probability of your grandmothers body finding a way to defeat whatever was keeping her down. You can believe whatever you like, but don't try to shove your beliefs down somebody else's throat. Especially when you're starting your argument with "u r dumb." It's funny, a lot of Christians seem to be some of the most angry and rude people I've ever come across. I have respect for other people's religions, but I have no respect for religious assholes such as yourself, who feel the need to be so rude to people who have done nothing wrong. You can state your beliefs, but don't call other people stupid for having a different view.
 short and to the point!
As for all of you fools bashing God.. Y'all sure are going to feel silly on judgement day when you're damned to hell. That's when you will be thinking and regretting your unwise decision in not believing.
Go on elsewhere with all that mess, idiots.


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