Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Waves in different directions

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Look at the grid pattern under neath the water. Looks fishy to me.
As you can see there's a French flag flying on the tower. This explains why the waves are running in the opposite direction.
You can see the pipe going into the water. These are just a grid of pipes under the waters surface.
Swells one way and wind driven surface waves at right angles. Tremendous fun in a small boat. Not..... keeps you wide awake when driving your boat in those conditions
that square types of landmarks are manually created ...to lower the higher raging waves.
You can see at the bottom right there is something black where the water has broken.
Here must be some sort of 'farming' going on..... Just flooded at the moment!
swell in different directions would be more a fitting title..
Im just waiting for all the HAARP comments now. Wave seeding...
Pretty sure the waves are in one direction and what we are seeing in the other direction are structures going out into the water.
Wow looks line a huge tarp laid out under the water
Nature doesn't work in strait lines
i cant belive this facts at all,how comes wind to blow at the same place in different direction
something fishy in this pic.....most probably waves comes in a single direction towards beech side
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