Sunday, February 2, 2014

Underwater ride in a sub in the Bahamas

In the Bahamas you can take a leisurely underwater ride in a sub.

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what about the sharks that can bite your torso off
What if the fan / motor goes out? .. can u get out of that easy or sink?
They do this in hawaii. $100 for 15 min... no thanks
Back in the day there was a show called Beyond 2000, this and lots of other things were thought up decades ago and are just becoming mainstream.
I could not do it, I wish I could but that just give me another drowning experience to dream about. Very cool though
If you've read the "Pendragon" series, you're thinking the same thing I'm thinking.Otherwise, I recommend everyone to read all 10 books of "Pendragon." The books are kind of thick, but if you like adventure and fiction, this is the series for you. One of the books have to do with something cool like these. 
Lol , I see crack.... That man in the front is showing crack.
Looks like a whole lot of kermits under water
Its fun!! Stingrays swam by & lots of colorful fish!
You can do it at Stuarts Cove, fantastic place to dive... We also saw the plane wrecks used in Into the Blue there.
We did this, it was ok but I thought they were too slow and didn't steer very well. If you're not an avid thrill seeker then you'd probably enjoy it.
a shark would be curious and may even get close enough to bump it but it wouldn't try to bight
I did this in St. Thomas. Absolutely terrifying for me since I can't swim. It was neat, but the water was so murky that you really couldn't see much.
I've seen them a few times but never done it. I'm certified for the real thing!
Im from here! drink a Kalik before you do this i promise its gonna be awesome
That company were on dragons den I think
I'd be afraid that somethin would come behind me an eat my ass


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