Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Underwater Base Jump Is Much More Terrifying Than You Can Imagine!

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Fantastic...a Brave Dude!!!...Life Adventure....Amazing!!!Srtong Man..Thank You for this Video!!! XXM!!!!
Is he holding his breath the whole time? Or am I just not seeing the air tank?
"UPDATE Nery emailed us to say he never reached the bottom; the distance is so far as to make it impossible. Nery says, "This movie is an artistic project, a fiction." He shot it with his girlfriend over the course of four afternoons."
the person doing the camera work is obviously wearing scuba gear so it is easy for him to get a breath or two as needed from the camera person when needed and edit that part out.
well trained and not a smoker i'm so sure. i've seen others do this before. it's something to see and watch. deffinetly no asthma or breathing issues at all.
I am too "floatable" and would pop back to the surface while trying to go down..haha I hope that doesnt mean I'm full of gas.
Films aren't made in one continuous take... he might have been allowed a break. You know, now and then. To breathe.
But he also is a champion freediver, so he can hold his breath for in increadible long time.
well this is not true cause the whole he went down to is around 3-400 feet, i know this whole, so he must use a mix of oxygen, hes not even doing equalization per feet of pressure and so many cuts going down but longer takes when going up
perfectly normal for divers to hold there breath for up to 4 minutes
While more common in scuba diving, it can still happen on a breath hold dive even though no compressed air is involved. The problem arises with the free diver's rate of ascent. The air in the lungs is still absorbed into the blood & bodily tissues, where bubbles will form. A rapid ascent may cause those bubbles to become large enough to cause DCS (decompression sickness) issues. Another compounding factor could be over exertion after the dive. After any dive, the participants should rest, running up a hill with a bunch of dive gear is a bit like shaking a pop can with the lid off! Incidents of DCS have even been evident in autopsies of whales, it is believed that naval sonar activities have caused them to ascend too fast from depth. I hope this helps.
If someone could explain the breathing apparatus he is wearing or how he could withstand pressure at this depth I would have an easier time believing in the validity of this video.
This is really a foolish video. It encourages people to try this and most people would get the bends because they do not understand the physics of the attempt. Also, there is a lot of editing done to get all the shots. I am a scuba diver and I strongly disapprove.
He has not absorbed any nitrogen into his blood stream at a higher partial pressure as he is holding his breath, as a scuba diver it's concerning you don't understand the physics of this. Shallow water blackout is a real possibility however.
Weight belt visable (back), although I do not know the validity of this film. I have dove in the East China sea with a 60 year old Okinawan that could hold his breath for 14 minutes and freedive to more than a hundred feet. "I WAS a trained veteran diver in SCUBA".
I accidentally swam over a fall like that in Kawaii and the water went from warm to chilling in a foots distance. It was a very unsettling feeling and I had to catch my breath
The title is "more terrifying than you can imagine" how in anyway is this scary? This is beautiful and this guy is awesome. Anyone who's fighting over how he's breathing or saying something about it being fake, just go kill yourself please lol. Just enjoy the video or go play candy crush some more nerd
The breathing apparatus are lungs, he would have trained a long time, however, in order to execute a dive like this. The reason that a person can withstand the high pressure of water, is because that's what we're mostly composed of. What you're not able to see in this video is the equalizing of the air spaces in his ears & his mask. This is necessary to avoid damage to the ear drums & from the mask pressing against his face from the compression of the air in those spaces.
But reading further into the comments reveals the filmmaker admitting that it was fiction, not a real dive to the bottom, which would have been impossible even with an aqualung.
To all those who seem to think it can't be done learn a bit more about free diving and underwater physiology. The camera divers are on rebreathers so won't produce bubbles
he didn't hold his breath for almost 4 minutes... it is slow motion plus multiple shots of the same depth at different angles.
He has a small square package at the base of his spine. Probably filled with a small amount of compressed air which feeds into his mask.
There's a list of free divers who can hold their breath for several minutes, Umberto Pelizzari was the first one I ever heard about back in the nineties. There's a guy who held his breath for 22 minutes called Stig Severinsen. Amazing
nice video sorry for your discorageous comments, it takes courage there is no place for terror or being terrified if you go on tis things..... respect! and thx for sharing.... plus drink seawater2
I can barely hold my breathe for 4 seconds let alone 4 minutes!! Impressive. I would totally do it if I could. Looks amazing!!! But, who is filming it cause I'm not seeing their air bubbles either??
Tyler Howland he is lightly weighted if you watch the video carefully and most humans are negatively buoyant below about 10m so it is realistic. A four minute breath hold is easily achieved by the best free divers.
I don't think it's possible to hold your breath for that period of time, there are decompression issues and how did he just plunge to the depths? He would have needed weights or something because your body would have had the urge to float. Seems a little odd to be honest, although spectacular if real.
I lot of practice and meditation would go into something like this. Very cool but I won't be doing it any time soon. I am sure had he needed help the camera crew would have been there with air tanks. How deep was this any way?
No way. I have read of some divers who can hold their breath for six minutes with training. But diving down a dark cliff, not even on a good day.
Had to know what was down there and clearly there were at least 2 people with cameras who were filming it. Great breath control but difficult to tell how long it took and how far it was. I'm guessing not farther than 100 ft.
I would never in a million years do something like that! He is very special and brave guy to do it, and I'm sure he spent many hours on his training. No one just jumps down a black hole in the ocean for the heck of it, you better have very strong lungs!!
He must have shared breathing with the camera man, there is no way he could exert that much energy and time under water. Not possible.
It's Guillaume Nery, a world renowned free diver, it's a single breath hold dive and it's very real. It has risks which are mitigated by proper training and safety precautions. It's no more a death wish than climbing Everest, running across the Sahara or any other activity undertaken at the limits of human endurance, as to why - because he can, obviously.
the cameraman would have to have given him a suck on his oxygen tank, there would be issues of his lungs collapsing if he had not come up the right way. Which is slow.
No water displacement or water bubbles until the very last 4 seconds? Hmmm....I'm not a believer! I've seen him before and he's amazing, but at SOME point, we would've seen air bubbles or some kind of water displacement....and until the final seconds, we saw neither! *smh*
camera crew has diving gear.. to dive that deep.. with no air bubbles releasing. Causes huge problems. and THe pressure being that deep. this was done with multiple air breaks. I didn't see one bubble leave his mouth or nose. But Awsome to watch very artistic and some good shots
Why do people do foolish things like this for no reason. How bout helping others less fortunate than yourself instead of beating your own drum.
Im sorry to inform anyone who believes this MADE UP STUNT .Here's what I have a pronlem with.#1 he's holding his breath well over 4.00 minutes ..Hightly unlikely ,#2 not once does he release any air out his lungs ,,Usually under any deep diving conditions a person exhaust some air because the lunges contract in deep depths there fore you must release some air or cause damage to your lungs #3 That depth appears to be at least 200 meters deep ,and when surfacing the cramps and possible of nose bleeds are very likely because of NO Decompression pry to surfacing and taking in fresh new air .........It not real ,,trust me .The end
Deans Blue Hole, Long Island, in the Bahamas is the worlds biggest. But it has also claimed lives and while this video is exciting, you wouldn't catch me down there for all the tea in China. All those moray eels …. eeek !
WOW talk about impressive! Love it. If I had the ability to hold my breath like that, I'd give it a whil. I'd rather die living and doing something like this then in my bed.
Having done free style diving before, I can tell you the biggest problem is pressure on your ears.It also is improbable that he could cover that much area without the use of fins.


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