Thursday, February 20, 2014

This picture of a man, possibly August Landmesser, refusing to do the Nazi salute

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If its a "fact" that this guy was refusing to do the salute in a crowd overflowing with Nazi supporters, not only is that unbelievable . . but truly commendable as well. *tips hat*
My grandmother did the same when she saw him speak. She and her friends were held for two days while their belongings were sorted through and photos on their cameras were developed. It was finally determined that they weren't spies and they were released- without their cameras.
This is how an Atheist feels having to sit through church.
Jehovah's Witnesses in Germany refused to salute Hitler. Many were sent to concentration camps and executed simply for refusing. They could have signed a waver and gained their freedom at any time, but they honored God above any man and refused to compromised their beliefs. Some paid with their lives, but many more survived. More Jehovah's Witnesses came out of the concentration camps than went in. People saw their faith and how it sustained them, and they decided to join with them. I'm not saying this man is one of Jehovah's Witnesses, but they were the only ones who, as a group, chose persecution rather than compromise.
His probably thinking " what a c**t, im missing TWD for this"
Maybe he was just zoned out and didn't realize it was time to salute haha
August Landmesser refused to join the Nazi party as he fathered kids with a Jewish woman
it wasnt as uncommon as you thought... this was one of the minor ways to act against hitler in germany. And there where more as you thought... but any one who tries it long enough has Problems with the Gestapo and or is going to the KZ (concentration Camps). Remember a real big Part of the 6 Million Jews where German Jews. Another Part of the People killed there was German resistance fighters: Anarchists, Social democrats, Communists, Reverends and many more...
Landmesser's story is so sad, powerful and romantic. Anyone who doesn't know it should look it up, he was an examplary person, when all he wanted was to have a normal life alongside his wife.
he is probably thinking that he is at class and does not have any idea about the question the teacher asked!!!


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