Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The world's first diamond contact lenses worth $15,000

These contact lenses are worth $15,000. it's the world's first diamond contact lenses.

Inspired by the jewels in his wife’s teeth, Chandrashekhar Chawan, an optometrist at India’s Shekhar Eye Research Center has created GOLD plated, DIAMOND encrusted contact lenses that will bring that special twinkle in your eyes.

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What a waste of time and money. That's one of the dumbest things I've ever heard of
You know what I don't get, is why people love/cherish gold and money. It does nothing to benefit our survival, you cant eat it or use it to keep u warm. Our real wants should be in what we truly need, and most of us already have it. Go homeless and hungry for awhile and your wants will change real fast.
They say being high brings a special twinkle to your eyes...and it's cheaper
Loosing one of those contacts would be epic
It's amazing what people will waste money on..
And all the things that money could have been used for...looks pretty stupid to me
Her eye on the right looks super red, like it's irritated from the contacts. Takes away from the beauty of it!
Theres a quote in the bible that says " a camel will enter through the eye of a needle than rich man through the gates of heaven", I wonder if this means that people with money just spend without thinkingv of others beingchunry and living in streets.
I'd screw up and fall asleep in them, and somehow manage to slice my eyeball in half in the process. Those are hella cool, though.
You worked for your money,use it the way u feel.....most of us who talk about starving people never donate,its just facebook negativity sometime
The problem with your statement is...You shouldn't feel it's okay to spend 15,000 on contact lenses ! How do you know that most haven't donated money to charities ! Are you part of the NSA? This money is ill spent ! Anyone who doesn't see that must be blind or just plain stupid !
,in the US nd some parts of the world where some people are rich it is common to see they spend millions of dollars engertaining themselves any way they wish,they worked hard for that so me and u got no say on that
Nice! Cant hate on culture.. African and Asia . Middle east.. Gold and gems! Is a huge part of culture
That's super magical an all but Dude Ouch I can barley wear soft lenses for Few hours haha can i just get diamond glasses with gold Trim....Like Duh......
Its just a gold/diamond oreo-esque contact lenses. And no one can/should judge extravagant lengths people's vanity will take them versus their contributions to charity, which isn't mentioned here so I don't get why some posts are connecting a woman modeling extravagant eye wear to her charitable nature and her assumed ensuing blindness as retribution. The post said nothing about the optometrist's charity or whether he is a good or bad man. He is being judged solely on one facet of his existence. And condemned, in some posts, to damnation for that. What is sad is for someone to post a horrible comment like that, especially when their Facebook photo has clear markers of behavior of the same vanity. You people are not going to convince me that those of you who posted these righteous indignities don't spend money to dye and coif your hair, though you all have convinced me that some people have a malicious nature and a skewed perspective on other women's beauty, synthetic or natural, and are shallow enough to dredge up conclusions about that instead of just appreciating beauty or just shaking your heads and moving on with your days. Tsk tsk tsk,
Do you honestly have nothing better to do than scan comments for a single error which could be the result of Siri not transcribing something correctly? And then further decide to crawl even higher up your self built soapbox so you can criticize this complete stranger further? For the sole purpose of activating slightly your fight or flight without giving a partial thought as to your impact on another person who might be a wonderful lady and probably is?
What you need to understand my friend is that love is the foundation for human happiness. How we treat others tells volumes about our own internal self. The bible succinctly states "out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks" - Matthew 12:34
Be nice bro. Look for the good in others don't nit pick for faults or else someone else wiser than yourself will come along and nit pick you for your own benefit 
Perhaps if her eye gets injured due to the diamond, then she'd wish she'd spent it on charity. Truthfully , I loveee it but seriously , we've gone to far in our idea of beauty.
And just b/c this doctor lives in India, he is scolded for not applying these monetary creations to help the poor? You who have judged him should go to amnesty international and put your scolding to some good work on their behalf, at the real villains in this world. Do some good with your narrow minds!!!


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