Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Orb

This is called "The Orb" - a mobile headset that doubles as a ring. It can be used 30 feet away from your phone, vibrates on your finger if you get a call and has a voice-to-text device, so you can read messages on your ring.

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SHUT UP and take my money!!! That I don't have... Fml. Lol
Haha if I'm masturbating n get a call with that ring hmmm
They make only $750 profit for every 10,000 sold. So its not on the market
great another brain cancer device...well at least its a pretty colour eh !
Does it got a phone locator on it cuz I will loose my phone lol
That's it. They have officially thought of everything now
yeah its probly $500! They always show the cool stuff but its always to far away to get or to expensive! Grrr its a dam tease if ya ask me!
Wtf? What a wasted money. Where is new technology for deaf people. I'm deaf.
Aaaaaaaaannnnndddd then you wash your hands, forgetting that it's on your finger, ruining it, and wasting what I'm sure cost hundreds of dollars to buy. Awesome.
I would only buy if it can display the thought of my caller...or maybe i'd have to wait for a cheaper china version.
Fuckin awesome is that true? ???:) I wanna try this one just to make sure tho..
Don't expect it anytime soon.. Info first came out in 2009 and was 1st thought to be avail in 2012 then said 2013 and they just keep saying a few months
And this would cost you a thousand dollars or so. 


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