Thursday, February 20, 2014

Still image of a car the moment before being dropped into the water

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What's unvelievable is someone dropping a classic muscle car in a lake like that. I would much rather throw an import or a truck!!!
i just want to know how the car reached in the middle of the water and that too vertically straight? Is it like james bond car that can run over water?
looking at its surrounding, I can't understand, HOW DID THE CAR EVEN LAND HERE?
What if the camera guy forgot to click the button.. Lol, GET A NEW CAR!
Ah but could a picture be taken of my money before it leaves my wallet. Probably not.
this is the moment in the movie where they stop the film and starting having the dialogue and the driver get some kind of inner intervention going: i knew i shouldnt have gone drinking today or something like that
Hmmm big fan of supernatural. That's a scene in one of the episodes. Its Deans car. It was being "levitated"
Cant imagine the kinda money the photographer would've been showered with for this! And deservedly so..
it's like another parallel world where the car crases to another one like it


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