Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Reincarnation of the Buddha

Ram Bahadur Bomjon, a Buddhist Monk, meditated for 10 months straight without food or water. To challenge this incredible claim, Discovery channel filmed the boy for 4 straight days and nights. He never moved. Supporters of Buddhism consider him the “reincarnation of the Buddha"

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Plot twist: He is actually dead
plot twist there is a huge #2 between his back and that tree after 8 months the beast was released
Plot twist: he used Shadow Clone Jutsu
Hell of a difference between 4 days and 10 months...no way he survived 10 months without food or water, wouldve been dead without a doubt...try going 5 days without any and see how ya feel....
There is a guy that supposedly went 70 years without food or water and they watched him for a year and ran tests on him and couldn't understand it.
After the cameras left, bet he ate and drank everything in sight
I read up on this. He did meditate for 10 months but moved around due to people bothering him. He sat in one spot at the longest for 75 days during the 10 months. People brought all kinds of offerings. He continued to meditate and pray and offer advice. It did say for sure he did or did not eat or drink anything. But there were extended periods of time that nobody saw him eat or drink.
He himself rejects this claim because Buddha has reached nirvana and those who reach nirvana will not be reincarnated.
So he didnt use the toilet for 10 months?
I feel discovery channel would be more interested in this camel like human hybrid/bear. Stores water and plugs its asshole for hibernation meditation
after the 4 days of documentery , he run to the nearest mcdonalds and never come back .
iv went a week without food or water you guys are just pussys now 10 months unlikey but you people think 4 or 5 day without will kill you its cause your weak ..
you expect me to believe someome lived 10 months without water? okay maybe if your fat you can without food but water? no. even 4 days is pushing it
Why is it they think people r stupid. Noone can go ten months with out water or food. Specially water.
How stupid are you people... He didn't even moved... He is in the greastest stage of meditation..
He can stay like this for years..Gurus in India is doing this for years... And dumbass... If he was head... Don't u think discovery is smart enough to know a person is fucking dead or not..

and jesus fuckin said tell the mountains to move and they will but only if you believe you dont believe anything so youll get nothing
I thought buddha broke the cycle of Death and rebirth...
Disagree with the "reincarnation" part but the part going without food or water could possibly be true. Probably have to do alot of deep research
Kick his ass and still meditates Lol
I wonder if he will give his life for you as an act of love?? Buddha didnt neither! I rest my case!
If that's a picture of him after 10 months then how could he not have become a skeleton?
I really feels pitty on u oll guys for ur stupidity nd for ur bullshits comments .... Its all abt beliefs, faith dat u hav wid ur god as well ,, broaden ur mind its a true story ... I m saying not bcoz im also frm same nationality ,, bcoz its true nd might hav flimed by some channels too!! Bt plz dont use bad words nd all those shitsssss its ok if u dont believe on it bcoz we do believe on him,, he is just lyk ur god for us for buddhism whom u hav lots of respect nd faith ever in ur lyf...!!! Plzzz


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