Monday, February 3, 2014

Mom who had her baby's birthmark tattooed on

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plot twist: The baby got the mark tattooed on.
20 years later the kid gets the birth mark removed
What happens if the babies birth mark disappears. Then she's fucked 
Its cute! My daughter and I have identical birth marks mine is darker and on my thigh hers is lighter and on her bottom cheek. Same shape measurements etc.. and even have the freckle that is to the side of it
That would be awesome if that wasn't even a birthmark on the kid, maybe like some type of temporary skin discoloration.
i have the same thing on my back from my mom. looks just like that birthmark but my mom has it on her back n i was born with it on the same extact spot on my back
Plot twist: it's just poop! ;D
reminds me of boondocks when uncle ruckus becomes blacker and blacker lol
Last time you said it was the father who had tattooed the birthmark: make your mind up!
It's cute but skin moves so much while you grow. By the time they are an adult it could be a completely different shape and place. My daughter's has moved more than 6 inches and she's only 9.
Me and my daughter have similar birthmarks. .. and I didn't have to tattoo mine on..
Bet she would have done it if it covered her face
why do some people's birthmarks go away and others dont? its not fair
And when the baby grow and the Mark take another shape what she will do??
I have naturally inherited both my parents' birthmarks in the exact spots, and have one of my own
That is so stupid... The birthmark will change, maybe even disappear. But the ugly tattoo will stay.
Who the fuck cares "what if this what if that". Obviously they didnt consider your opinion when getting it. I know lots of people who are self cautious about their birthmarks so I think this is sweet. To me this teaches the child to never be self cautious about them. So what if it changes the father still has a sweet reminder mark of the day his little one was born.
Cute but some birthmarks change over time. I would have suggested waiting until the baby was at least 3..that way you would have a better idea of whether or not it was going to change. My son had several birthmarks and one went away, one has darkened (they were white as opposed to this babies darker spot), and one has stayed the same. He is 10 so pretty sure his aint changing much more.
No matter what the controversy is with this, I think it's a sweet thing to do. I'd have waited for a few years to see if the birthmark fades. Mine all did
All the morons saying this is stupid, you have to understand the deeper psychological affects. This Childs peers will likely make fun of or ridicule them for having an abnormal marking. Or if this child grows up feeling embarrassed it insecure about the mark, this child will be comforted by the bonding and support they have from their mother, btw I studied life drawing for a year in college, that is a female hand.
The children, no matter their age.... in whom say this is pointless or stupid, well you guys are the wasted sheep & your parents failed you. This is the actions of a parent who is well rounded & truly love's their child
love how mad people taking a lot shit about this. who cares if she got the same tatted birth mark as her child it aint your kid nor your body its hers in her childs.. hate people who judge so damn quick get a life .. I think she should have waited but its cute if it does stay then atleast she can share something in comman with her child.. people these days just think there shit don't stank in have to much to run there mouths about other people in there business.. grow up..
Missing Piece, i agree with u. I can also guarantee that all the ppl downgrading this pic are children or children who dont have children themselves. Im sorry, but i have 2 kids, i am 30 years old and if my children had some sort of birth mark that would possibly embarrass them as they got older u better believe i would get the same just so my children know that its ok. Let me guess, im actually gonna put a tattoo on me with words my 5 year old wrote and my 2 year old with a lil drawing. And if i post it ima hear a bunch of stupid comments. As long as my children r loved by me n they know it thats all i care about. Fuck everyone else
She dont give a fuck if it changes or fades she is a mother and that mark will be the reminder of how happy she was when she 1st hold her baby in her arms .... also that mark adds a good story to her life so she can tell it to her kid when he / she grows up
Well as a mother of 3, I would most definitely do it!! Even if they do grow out of it, you will have that beautiful memory with you forever.
Lol tattoo artists are forever talking shit about other tattoo artists. I think its Awesome:) the tattoo isnt supposed to be aesthetically beautiful, its a symbol of love, ignorant people wouldn't get it. My daughter and her dad have the same birthmark naturally. Its so cute!:) 


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