Wednesday, February 19, 2014


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A woman farted on a plane and tried to cover up the smell by lighting matches, causing an emergency landing.
Have you been to Ireland
Its so beautiful over there though i would love to live there
Looks like its sinking
Where the hell do you park your car?
The knights who say ni...would love all this shrubbery
Where in Ireland is that? I'm from Ireland and have never seen anywhere like that!
it would be great if those beads would be bouncing so people could jump on them
I'm Irish and I've never seen anything like that here
I am 100% sure it is Iceland, not Ireland.
Something beautiful, just had share something good that God gave us!
Damn it would be almost impossible to not get a sprained ankle trying to walk.
Imagine trying to mow those lawns lol
eh where in Ireland is this? lived here all me life and haven't seen anything like it
That's not in Ireland because if it was it would be on plenty of brochure
I live in Ireland and it doesn't look that nice now xD
Ireland has bipolar weather xD
It looks like something from a fairytale.
There has got to be a bad bug problem in this house.
A thousand leprechauns suffocated to death on that fateful day
Where can I order that crazy hobbit dwelling? I wanna have it!
Stereotypical where the fuck is that over here like
It's a graveyard There probably was no room left, look at the right...
Here you go Lacie J you have always wanted to go to Ireland.


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