Sunday, February 2, 2014

If it looks stupid, but works, it ain't stupid

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how is this a weird fact exactly? | Fact: A pizza pan works as a steering wheel for your mobile device.
Can't reach brake and throttle with his thumbs. Dumb idea.
How are you supposed to take a pic of your pizza, if the device is on the opposite side?
Use an early ford hubcap, you'll drive like a bootlegger
still.. it's stupid when you go outside.
This is definitly indian tech..
most defiantly not stupid
Yeah its called super stupid instead
Only one person asked what about breaks I say what about breaks and gas?
Like wooden roof racks they looked funny but worked!!! we used to get a laugth at the bloke lol "nickednamed" "roof racks" lol
brilliant! I hate the leaning games. This might make me actually like them now lol
No.. What looks stupid is the apple computer you have in the photo. 


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