Monday, February 3, 2014

I don't need Google my wife knows everything

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I don't need my wife. Google knows everything . lol
then ask her who was Claus von Stauffenberg
NO. it's the other way around. "SHE" doesn't need google. She know everything
yeah that is just about what my sweet says too me and you know he is right!!!!! Heeeeee
im not your wife im just a female an we allways no everything an thats the reason im not ur wife....lmao
I gues you are very lucky man, because you get useful information from first hand, no needed internet searching. You should be thenkful to.the God that you get very notable gift.
hahaha then you are married to google or she uses google lol!
honestly , there's alot of men keep saying that , my wife wife ... my wife .... ijust want to tell them " fuck you & fuck ur wife "....& all this type of men always are Stupid & KIDS
lmao maybe women created bing to get rid of google its all coming together...yeeaahh


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