Monday, February 10, 2014

Devon Tread 1 Steampunk Watch

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Only $17,499 on Amazon. | $25,000 actually
That needs glass ASAP.
good someone linked it, hate it when you see something interesting without any more information
DO WANT!!.. wow I'm seeing prices in the new car range.. I hate stupid money so much sometimes.. it's just s stupid watch, a cool watch, but a WATCH none the less. And an overpriced watch at that. It's like "oh, people will really like this.. $17,499".. stupid money!
Would make a great prize for a clockwork man player
Looks like something out of water world
at the moment do not have 20k to buy them
Any thing dat makes things complicated isn't cool...
Somehow in this picture you can't see the polycarbonate front. It's scratch resistant and bulletproof. Can you say over the top?
Only 25k US. That makes it fragile and insane
Does that thing have a Supercharger lol 


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