Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Check out these amazing TREE CLIMBING goats

Found in Morocco, they climb these Argan tree in search of food. It's hard to imagine that animals with hooves could be so adept at climbing but these images are 100% real. Food is fairly sparse in this area, so they have to grab it when they can - even if it's high up in a tree!

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and do they say "I goat it" when they find food? rofl!
Doubt real, the branches aren't even weighed down
Come to Nig Nigeria you will find goats on rooftop houses
Some trees grow apples some grow oranges - who knew goats were a fruit?
Survival for the fittest. Adapt or perish.
It also helps them elude the herdsmen that stay out from the village for months at a time. Those goats start to look real sexy after a month or 2!
Nothing is impossible in Africa where I come from goats cultivate
this is only partly true. actually they are put up there by the people of morrocco as a tourist attraction. If you look closely you can see they are standing on a make-shift assemblment of twigs! ive seen them for real and i thought it was cruel
If these guys can climb then what the hell are the giraffe going to eat?
Amaizing power to balance.......once had my goats climb trees during harsh weather in Ukambani thou not that high.
have you seen sheer faced mountains some goats climb? It doesn't surprise me at all, they are agile, they love eating and Argan fruit has the oily seeds inside - I bet their coats are shiny
Then they should graze in the park. seems they can outwit a lion
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