Wednesday, February 19, 2014

2 Completely different kind of apples growing on the same tree

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It's done by grafting a twig of a different kind of apple into the tree when it's still young. Id learnt to do it during one of my previous jobs pruning apple trees.
I don't want to eat it unless I no wat fertiliser they used. Fuck me wat a boring life people lead.
It's called graphing and u can do it to anything that flowers
Its called grafting ... its a practice used for over 100 years ... not just apple trees .. pear trees... citrus trees (lemon,lime, tangerine) can all be grown on the same tree do to grafting .. a guy in MN has a apple tree with over 70 diff kinds of apples on it ... come on people .. this is old news ...
Saw that many time in my granny's garden. She told me the red ones get more Sun
Used to have a 7up tree..lemons and limes on same tree lime tree cross pollinated lemon tree and voila
Grafting or splicing is very common in Apple and other fruit amazes me though that so many people have issues with GMO's like this, but still will eat them without knowing that's how 90% of all fruit is created.
grafting. at my place i have a citrus tree that produces both oranges and lemons
I've been around apple orchards for many years and grafting is a very common practice with lots of fruit trees but I've never seen that small of tree grow so many apples clustered together like that, the limbs wouldn't be able to support that much weight even if you propped them up!
Wikipedia or Google can tell you how to plant a tree like that.. And different kinds of apples can grow on the same tree.. Just depends on how long you let them mature before you pick them..
I have a flowering Althea bush that has three different colors, white, pink and purple. They grafter three varieties on one root.
It's the same apples it's just the left side is ripening quicker than the right side. DUH!!!
U cut two young trees in half n stick em together u can do it to other citrus to n have fruit sald tree


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