Monday, February 3, 2014

1000 years from now

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Nokia 3310 would still work....
most of the stuff which they find will be dildos
Plastic ain't goin to fossilise
and all of them will be classified as religious devices.
I think this will be happening much earlier than 1000 years from now!!
todays garbage will be the minerals of the future
And at that time they would say these are 500,000 years old discovery:)
Lol. They are not going to think to much of us.
People of the future will think we all had three hands based on the N64 controller.
In 2969 only one person will be associated with the 20th Century, the late Neil Armstrong.
The only thing that will left after us is the plastic garbage.
Future fossils. Out of these, future beings, if humans become extinct, will study how humans existed at our present time.
wonder if facebook would still be here hehehe
You find such things, cellphones and glasses especially, on the bottom in yacht club harbours!
1000 years from now THIS will be on Ancient Aliens


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