Thursday, August 9, 2012

Horrific Whale Slaughter in Faroe Islands - GOING ON RIGHT NOW

150 Pilot Whales murdered in just one day!!!

Hundreds of pilot whales are slaughtered every year on the Faroe Islands, a small group of islands north of Europe. Faroe men go out with boats to drive these animals into a fjord using nets to block their way back to sea. The whales then beach themselves, or are pulled ashore with a blunt hook lodged in their blowholes. Once beached and defenceless these whales are killed by having their spinal cords and major blood vessels cut. It can take up to three and a half minutes for a whale to eventually die.

The Faroese people consider the hunt an important part of their culture and history. We say ENOUGH!

Please SIGN & SHARE the petition demanding an end to this annual massacre:
sory for my english but apart from the hunt on them, tradition like these wont help them to survive... The lands which you seak of can imort meat or fish... but not whales !!!! unless you wanna say to your grandchildren, here... the elephant is the biggest animal on Earth... You can call it whatever you want but WE are nature and we have control... Don't be small minded, it has nothing to do with vegatariens... | I never said those WEREN'T mammals. HENCE the reason I didn't use them when I made my comment. It has nothing to do with my opinion. It has to do with you trying to be some kind of smart ass because I don't agree with YOU. I said plain and simple, if you don't like it? Don't share it, or sign the petition. If that makes it seem like I'm some kind of dick?then so be it. I never said people couldn't have a different opinion than mine.. sooo..... yeah...... uh...hmm. | the one who is really ignorant are the f* people on this picture, ignorant about the lives that they are killing :'( I will sign | chickens are birds and cows pigs and the rest are breed in captivity as a food source!!!!!!!!!11 these whales are blood wild and supposed to be free u dumb ass | Horrific meat slaughter going on all over the world - just because these are whales are their lives more meaningful than cows, pigs, chickens and all other animals that are slaughtered for food and other necessities - ps I am not a vegetarian | Okay, enough of this "Why should I care about an animal?" crap. Even if you don't give a rat's ass about wildlife or the environment as a whole, we rely on the survival of other animals. We're just as much a part of the food chain as those whales. Whales eat smaller fish, and without the whales, those fish overpopulate. If those fish overpopulate, their prey die out, and so on, which eventually affects fishing patterns for humans. Contrary to popular belief, caring about the environment is not only moral, but necessary. | these are barbaric traditions | It's a good point David, but unles you extend that to all animals i have to take issue with the thinking behind it. Pilot whales are not endangered, they are, in this instance at least, not hunted on an industrial level and the faroese only kill what they need need, to eat.
In fact were we to consume fish in the same sustainable way there wouldn't be the issue with overfishing we have today. So again, vegans aside- no-one has a right to judge.
The fact is were they to import ALL their food tehy wouldn't be able to exist and would face either leaving the islands, or starving.
I would argue it's small minded to think it's ok to eat 'traditional' meat (especially from industrialised farms) like lamb, but not to catch a wild animal and eat it, just because then you have to see pictures like this. What do you think an abattoir looks like inside? |
Oh well... My last name is Vodka at the moment... I'm proud to see the world as it is even when I'm drunk as fuck... Most of us will never see it allthough they like this page... They feel like the rulers of the world while they know shit... If they don't even understand the problem here which is about whales... What can you expect than? | Ignoring your inability to express your self without resorting to ad hominem attacks; so we shouldn't eat game (rabbit, boar, venison etc) then, according to your 'thinking', or fish for that matter...
Not only that, but i take it you're one of those that, quite guilt free, will pay £2 for a chicken, or £3 for pork chops, or eat at McDonalds, ignoring the fact that it's only that cheap because those animals lived in such squalid, disgusting conditions?
And there, we have an almost text book example of hypocrisy. |
omg i have never been so angry at a picture!!!!! grrrrrrrrrr this is why i hate humanity we just meaninglessly butcher everything beautiful wake the fuck up you heartless evil people, we are meant to protect our world not fucking destroy it | my point isn't that this is ok, my point is, how can this be considered worse than modern industrialised farming techniques?
Yes these animals suffer, and no they shouldn't.
But they suffer for 3 minutes. Some of the beef, or lamb, or pork some here will happily eat has suffered anywhere from 6 weeks (chicken) up to 2 years (beef) living in such appalling conditions that they have to be fed antibiotics just to fend off the infections they'd otherwise be riddled with. the only difference is the meat these people eat daily has its (literally life long) suffering nicely tucked away in what we laughably call farms, out of sight, out of mind. If you can't kill it yourself, don't eat it.
In the spirit of this page, don't believe/disbelieve me how your meat is raised- research it. |
There is a difference between killin' for food & survivin'...& just butcherin' an animal for the hell of it....This isn't bein done because one has to eat...this is done because it's a cultural event....This is disgustin'..& to defend this act of butchery & slaughter is just as twisted as the ppl ridin' the bodies of these dead whales!! | "It has to do with you trying to be some kind of smart ass because I don't agree with YOU."
Not trying to be anything other than objective, which you are clear
ly struggling with.
I'm quoting you now:
NOT citations. I understand the importance of FACTS (and obviously citations are important to prove them), but a lot of the time here I am looking for YOUR OPINIONS"
I've done nothing other than this. You don't want them, or have difficulty reading them, don't ask for people's opinions, and certainly don't start accusing them of trying to be smart asses, or resorting to other childish name calling. If i'm annoying you, i'll leave. That's fine, but you should perhaps edit your "about me" section as it's clearly not the case what is currently written there.
Not trolling, not meaning to annoy anyone, just doing what i thought this page was for. Clearly i was mistaken. All the best |
I'm pretty sure I'm aware of what I said to you, and what this page is about.. but thanks for bringing it to my attention. Maybe if you should perhaps edited your approach instead of your comments?....And asking someone if a cow is a reptile? Is being a smart ass.. just saying. Feel free to do as you wish. Notice - you're the only one I'm speaking to on this whole post? I obviously don't have problems with opinions. PLEASE think before you speak to me.. ty. | OH and this is what my issue is with killing whales. Pig - 25 years
Cow - 20 years
Chicken 3-6 years
Sheep 10-12 years
Whale 40-200 years |
I think, Nicole, that you would be better reading through the chain of messages we have exchanged and perhaps they will make more sense (reference my comment on chickens- you may not have meant to but your message appeared to relate to something i'd posted about chicken).
Ultimately i suspect we share an opinion on this matter but it's being expressed differently. I'm not saying this slaughter is ok, I'm saying it's no worse than intensive/battery farming.
Either way, this is obviously winding you up, and it wasn't my intention, so i'm out. | 
Some Countries have been cuttin' the clitorisis of young children & sellin' some as sex slaves thru the black market for years...but it doesn't make it right! | Oh well some people will never understand... Isn't this why you made this page? When they are even blind after looking and reading about this lovely red coloured things.... Well give up and use your energy for people who have an open mind. | This is for food.This is a harvest.Im sure they aren't laughing.We have K-9 teeth.We also have herbivore molars as well.These are the cards we were delt in this life.Eat ,live and enjoy. | Mother Nature will have her revenge justice is slow in the world especially when nature is the victim but eventually human beings will pay for their gross excess eventually I can o... | There are written records of this happening since 1584 -- this is a cultural event that helps to feed many people. while the pictures are explicit -- are they any more graphic than what happens to the cows that become our steaks? | Whales r not fish they r warm blooded mammals just like us they deserve to be alive just like us they r intelligant and lovely creatures of this earth  | This is horrific,We should start to sign petitions for the unlawful slaughter of humans too,that goes on by the millions only by a few for no reason! | -- FB Comments -- 


  1. Where is the original source for your research?

  2. two wrongs don't make a right. what you do is wrong , and so is battery farming, cruelty to animals and humans alike. end of story. Don't try to say if it's ok there then it's ok here, because it's not anywhere.