Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fresh fruit,...So healthy we are not allowed to touch it ...

Scotland stun Australia 9-6 | we can eat the fruits , but stay away from the pestisiders! | how is changing the structure of an organism so it can withstand MORE chemicals, or that it actually contains pesticide itself, supposed to be better than this? GMO encourages this type of behavior, not protects us from it. We have our own strawberry patch at home (from organic starters bought at the local farmer's market) | this is why i love living in the country i can grow my own crops and make sure the meat i eat is given hormones or any other hurtful things to us i am a city girl turned country and living every mins of it | its ok for migrant workers to handle it though because if they are not citizens then it does not matter | "Many of Monsanto's seed products are specifically genetically modified to make them resistant to Monsanto produced agricultural chemicals, such as "Round Up" herbicide. In a study published in the International Journal of Biological Sciences, researchers applied a different statistical analysis on raw data obtained from Monsanto and concluded that these GM corn (maize) varieties induced a state of hepatorenal toxicity" | I still have a hard time understanding why genetic modification of food is so bad if theyre doing it to make bigger, more delicious fruit....? Could someone explain that to me? Because to me right now it sounds like the equivalent of telling someone who has sliiightly blurry vision they can't have glasses for no good reason. Idk, maybe i'm just being silly, but i don't get it. Also i don't have the toxic 'berries problem cuz all of mine are locally and naturally grown by farmers in the area c: | The bigger the monoculture - the more chemical agents are needed. | Chris K Cook - In most cases plants are genetically modified in order to withstand higher doses of pesticide/fungicide/herbicide etc. Soya grown for animal feed is a classic example of this. | Strawberries are among the worst. Buy organic. | and callum... do you work for monsato?.. there is a huge difference between selective breeding to create better plants and GMO foods... Twat...uttter and total twat | Anyone ever thought that maybe the "pests" are us? | Chris Cook- you are an arse!.... its not that we NEED to do this....it is so they make more money. sell more fruit so it can be throwb away by supermarkets. | Strawberries are heavily sprayed. NEVER ear without washing! | That is exactly what's happening with GM. People are failing to research and understand the facts and they're being fed shit by others that are scared and ignorant, breeding hate. Get your facts straight people. | Before you go any further, just know that I do agree that pesticides are used far too much and in short, they really are shit. What this post is about is to just set a few people right.

I agree with Chris K Cook and Cortex Libra. 1. It's shooped... I can tell by the pixels. and 2. There is nothing wrong with genetic modification. If you're against it, then just stop eating. Nearly all the food you eat has been modified genetically.

The meat you eat has been bred using different breeds to ensure high yield and suitability for the environment it lives in. The same with vegetables. Ever heard of Francis Bacon? This guy played with peas or beans (I can never remember which) cross pollinating different plants and species to be able to achieve a higher yielding, healthier plant. That is genetic modification on a simple level. That was being done in the Elizabethan era. |
The pesticide industry has learned the lessons of tobacco exceedingly well. | The pesticide industry is working very hard on trying to keep these emerging data from the public and deny the evidence of harm with government regulators. | Pesticides are causing other serious public health problems. Here's a literature review from the Ontario College of Family Physicians detailing birth defects, infertility, cancers, neuro-developmental and other health issues associated with common pesticides. https://www.premierinc.com/epp/downloads/01-systematic-review-canada-pesticides.pdf | Not unrelated... Has anyone over the age of 20 noticed the difference in insect population (you know the pollinators) compared with even ten years ago? There has been a very noticeable DEVASTATING decline! | Probably vitamin pills , they will be healthier than any kind of food, that humans have touched and mutilated | Well Id worry more about the migrant workers who's employer does NOT provide a toilet so they go potty IN the fields they pic. Peligro is a Spanish word so this is probably California | ats why all the rich people people live next nuclear reactors, because it is so safe * not* | Strawberries are one of the highest pesticide carriers and the hardest to protect with their thin skin. Strawberries are one of the fruits you should only eat if its organic. Or you could grow your own? Getting back to this pic though, the skull and cross bones just looks wrong! Complete assbackwards this world has become in the corporate world. We the people need to change that. | The days where you could go out to the forest and pick wild blackberries etc. and not worry about them being covered in radioactive dust are over. Thanks very much. | its interesting that everybody who i have ever heard complain that eating organic was 'expensive' had no problem buying products simply because it had a desired logo on it smh | What a ridiculous argument Chris K Cook - keep gmo in the lab where it belongs not in my food - you can yield much more organic food per acre than any other!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Strawberries are one of the most toxic of fruit.
Unless you go for organic, grown at home. |
Well you hippes complain when they want to Genetically Modify it so they don't need to do this... | ‎*that noise you make in despair while rolling your eyes in disbelief - like a groan and a sigh together* what we all havin for lunch, then? | -- FB Comments --


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