Monday, June 4, 2012


Like many other animal lovers, Dutch artist Bart Jansen found it hard to part with his pet cat, Orville, after he was hit by a car. So he decided to turn the dead feline into a unique piece of artwork called the Orvillecopter.

Jansen named his beloved pet after the famous aviator Orville Wright, so I guess it makes perfect sense that he decided to turn the cat into a remote-controlled helicopter. After having the Orville stuffed by a taxidermist, the artist teamed up with radio-controlled helicopter expert Arjen Beltman to make the cat fly for the first time. Beltman designed a custom mechanism and attached it to the stuffed cat to create a truly bizarre flying machine called the Orvillecopter. Bart Jansen unveiled his unique creation on Saturday, at the Kunstrai art festival in Amsterdam, and described it as half cat, half machine.

“After a period of mourning he received his propellers posthumously,” Jansen said about his purring pet, adding that he will soon be flying with the birds he loved chasing so much. Right now, the Orvillcopter isn’t flying as well as its creators would like, but Jansen assured viewers that “he will receive more powerful engines and larger props for his birthday. So this hopping will soon change into steady flight.”

give the poor feline a decent burial he deserve... |  i dont like this invention, so cruel.. tsk tsk.. >.< |  a frakenstein cat? so cruel. |  read before u criticize the cat got hit by a car and he could not leave the cat because he loves the cat he turned it to like that stupid peps hhehehe | I agree it's not animal cruelty since the Cat was long dead before the transformation. I think it's quite genius. And gosh, how can you compare cats with human. Human is human and Cat is a cat. By the way, some people also makes experiment with human body and did a great job for us to learn many things. The owner just love his cat so much. How can you say it's cruelty. |  I was touched. But i really cant picture out the faces of the birds when they saw the cat flying around like superman. I can imagine they were scared to death. Gosh. I cant stop laughing. LoLest | I can not stop laughing. I love cats. Cats are the most beautiful, loving creatures on earth, but I still cant help it this makes me giggle. He has a matter of fact expression as hes flying around. lol. its not cruel, lighten up he's giving his pet cat the gift of flight, and scare the shit out of birds. omg this is great | I was thinking if he had a pet elephant that died. Will he turn the elephant into a full size helicopter? | If we know how to respect a HUMAN BODY...i guess animals desrves Respect for thier bodies too. | PETA will surely hunt this guys for sure :D | If animals can talk. And fellow cats see this. You think they'll like it? | I think it's cool! The cat was roadkill & he created art & preserved it's legacy (; | On the contrary, he loved his cat very much. :) | Nice work of art, but PETA will surely whine and complain about this as they think it was animal cruelty. HOW CAN THIS BE ANIMAL CRUELTY IF THE ANIMAL IS DEAD??? | -- FB Comments --


  1. Hmmm.... Would it be acceptable if he did the same with his dead wife? I don't feel comfortable with this!