Sunday, August 21, 2011

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Ego’s ambition is to secure and entertain itself..Ttrying to avoid all irritation

I'll keep my money, my freedom and my guns and you can keep the change.

Tt's allright to admit we are wrong.. thats what heals the scar.. Thats what were here for to consider it ALL joy.

Laugh for laughter.. Laugh for tears.. Laugh for madness..Llaugh for fears.. Laugh for hopes.. Laugh for screams.. Laugh for love.. Laugh for we are laughing

We dont need to learn 5000 things 12 times then forget them. We need to learn 12 things 5000 times and never forget them.

We learn with time to act kindly and speak softly and gently. Because when our karma returns to us and we have to eat our words it is not sweet.

We meet ourselves in almost everything we confront. While the road is the same.. each of us has brought ourselves to it and have a different experience.

When we meet those who are laughing alot.. walk with them. Watch them.. listen.. their joy is the path.. their path is their destination.

Everything we know is wrong.. and that is a very liberating understanding of ourselves.. because if everything we know is wrong.. then ALL we thought was unsolvable can be thought of differently

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