Thursday, December 30, 2010

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"Ang Tangina Mo, Lust na to!"

"Ang Tangina Mo, Lust na to!"

Downhill Mountain Bike Champion

letting go of me is not the right choise

new CHESS set

no trespassing, violators will be shot, survivors will be shot again


Perfect view

Philippines Hostage Crisis involving Hong-Kong Tourists

red horse choco

kid with shabu

Shrek Forever After!

Simple move

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Sexy mountaineers

Sexy mountaineers


Helping ugly people have sex

I want to be Paparazzi

im late


Kinsay wla asawa


make your own sentence


Marlboro Lights

New generation Youth

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The Flying Bus

 The Flying Bus

Find out what is wrong here

facts of life..

get addicted to facebook

Facebook means sex

Civil Engineering Reference Wallpaper

Dota Addict Prayer

cat ass tattoo



Beer Server G3

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

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World's Largest Goldfish

World's Largest Goldfish

Suitable even for a rainy day

very suggestive beer ad

We know you did.

We know you did.

What are these parents thinking

What is that smell

Would it KILL you just to wait patiently 127 years

You can laugh now, but some years ago you were getting a very nice deal by buying a $3398 10MB hard drive.

You know you are a Super Geek when your gravestone is a computer. That's just awesome and wrong at the same time.

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Naughty policeman

Naughty policeman

I hate you, bike thief

Pussy slip

Ray Tse, Jr. fantasized as a teenager about getting a driver's license and owning a luxurious Mercedes Benz.

She probably got -3 points for this illegal move.

Skyscraper Windows Cleaners

So that's what those belts are for.

Squeezed kid.

Sumo wrestling crack

Talk about passive-aggresive.

Tanned thieves

The motorcycle jet ski. Three inner tubes, an old motorcycle, a little duct tape, and you have yourself a fancy jet ski.

This old guy must have a great personality. It is actually pretty awesome.

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